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Top Magnesy – An Online Magnet Shop

In order to respond to the needs and expectations of the market our magnet shop offers wide range of magnets as well as magnetic products. We provide our clients withhigh quality neodymium magnets as well as ferrite magnets offering different magnetic, physical and mechanical properties.

See our offer for more details.


Our ferrite magnets are used in many of the myriad applications in modern technology. They are also often bought for house and office use. Ferrite magnets work perfectly well with magnetic boards in schools, universities and offices. They offer very good properties for a low price. The price makes ferrite magnets very popular, especially in electronic industry.

Our offer includes: soft ferrites, semi-hard ferrites and hard ferrites.

Our neodymium magnets are well known for their great magnetic properties and greater strength which allows using a smaller and lighter magnet for a given application. That makes miniaturization process far more effective and extends demand for neodymium magnets in electronic industry.

Our offer includes neodymium magnets in different shapes and sizes. See our offer for the solution that fits your needs best.

NeoCube and other toys

Our Magnet Shop offers not only magnets for industrial purposes. Meeting needs and expectations of different groups of clients we offer also Neodymium Magnet Toys, such as NeoCube. NeoCube is a cube constructed of neodymium magnets spheres that you can assemble, disassemble and transform into different shapes. The toy is dedicated for children as well as adults. It improves motor skills and helps to relax.  

Magnetic Products

Our Magnet Shop specializes in providing high quality magnets and magnetic products. An important place in our offer take magnetic chucks and holders aimed at different applications. We offer:

-        ferrite magnetic chucks and holders,

-        neodymium magnetic chucks and holders,

-        neodymium magnetic chuck and holders in rubbercasing.

Our chucks and holders are used in many of the myriad applications in different industries.

Magnet Shop – Products and Professional Support

We are professionals. Our specialists provide clients with professional support at every stage of choosing a product. Contact us, if you are not sure which magnet to choose. We will help. Are you looking for a specific product which isn’t in our current offer? Contact us as well. Probably we will be able to help too.

Our Magnet Shop is known for an excellence customer service that comes together with reasonable prices and quick deliveries. We cooperate with the best deliverers on the market that allows us to fulfil your orders flawlessly and at a short notice.


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