Neocube - Magnetic Balls

Are you looking for an unusual gadget which can help you destress or focus? The answer is very simple: Neocube ring! Thanks to this inconspicuous item, you can make your palms work for hours while nervousness and negative emotions leave you. Have a try and see how it works. Neocube 5mm is also a perfect choice for older children – it can perform well during travels and in various stressful situations. It will surely attract attention and help you relieve. Another advantage of Neocube 5mm magnetic balls is the fact that they are available in many interesting colors. 

Why magnetic balls are so great?

Magnetic balls is an amazing toy both for children and adults. They let you develop your creative and non-standard thinking. The balls perform perfectly as a desk item and can help you reduce stress and relieve. When you do not use Neocube, feel free to decorate your surrounding with magnetic balls – minimalist, modern and elegant, available in many colors as Neocube gold and Neocube black, as well as in less classic variants – green, turquoise, pink, rainbow.

Choose them whenever you need to relax.

Magnetic balls: a perfect gift for everyone!

Magnetic balls can well be used as a gift. You can give them to:

·         your relative who is constantly stressed out and overworked,

·         your beloved,

·         your workmate or colleague,

·         even your boss.

This is an elegant and unusual gift which will surely be appreciated, especially that Neocube gold and black are a perfect match for office space. They may also be used to decorate the teenager’s room.

How Neocube works?

Neocube is magnetic balls, and more precisely neodymium magnets in the form of tiny balls with a diameter of 5 mm, combined into a distinctive cube. Yet it is you who decide about the shape these beads form – you can feel free to shift magnets, thus boosting your creativity and having good fun.

If you opt for a „rainbow” variant of magnetic balls, they will substitute the Rubik’s cube – you can arrange colors or just enjoy their kaleidoscope.

What we offer?

Our offer includes high-quality magnetic balls available in a wide range of colors: starting from classic, silver, through blue, red, green and ending up with „rainbow”. You can adapt your model to colors of your company’s identification system. If you decide to order many pieces, you can expect attractive discounts. Neocube magnetic balls come in diverse sizes – mainly 5mm and 6mm of diameter. Please feel free to start cooperation with us!